Thursday, December 19, 2013

A chicken in every pot

I don't exactly travel to shop, but on every trip
there's always something I wish I had bought.  This
shop was closed, but I could have gone back.
Assuming they don't cost 10 times more than
an actual poulet, I can think of a few
friends who would love to store their plastic bags
(that's what they're for) in one of these fun, colorful birds!


  1. That certainly is colorful.

    It is amazing how animal carcasses can sometimes be repurposed for any number of things.

  2. Now if they could only apply a little color to our friends here.

  3. Oh, I'd have bought one for sure; those ARE cute. Where exactly was this?

    I see Tall Gary is back and has a beard.

  4. Very colorful -- and unusual!

  5. Leave it to the French to make dead chickens look adorable!


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