Monday, December 30, 2013

In Times Square

I actually took this picture a couple of days
before Christmas, at (believe it or not) 2 o'clock
in the afternoon.  There's no rain predicted
for tonight—that's good news for the estimated
1 million (!) people who will be gathering here.
I will most definitely not be joining that crowd,
but I wish them—and you—a very Happy New Year!

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  1. What a place to be on New Year's Eve. Living in London I have never ventured into the centre to watch the celebrations in Trafalgar Square but this year I have decided to go. I must be mad but you only live once!

  2. fantastic picture!! love the bright red and the reflection...even the rare emptiness of times square..great image. Happy New Year.

  3. Times Square is so iconic. But, still, for you?

  4. I wish you and yours a VERY Happy New Year Alexa.

  5. lovely square.
    。❊ * 。❊ 。 ❊ _█_ ❊ 。 * ❊
    _Π_____ (•.•) * 5☆★☆★☆
    ❊ /______/~\ ( ♥ ) ❊ Happy first Day ❊
    |田 田 |門| ( ♥ ) New Year 2014❊

  6. Gosh, I missed this beauty. Wonderful.


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