Friday, September 2, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Didn't get to spend nearly enough
time at the beach this summer—can
you see why it's my favorite place?

(And, yes, this is the same beach as the
one in this past Tuesday's post.)
[To see more Skywatch, go here.]


  1. Is this the same end of Long Island beach of the other day?
    It looks like a very special place to you, and it looks very nice too.

  2. Such a lusciously plump-looking cloud, Alexa. A beauty! My wv is untan. It would be hard to untan under this sky...

  3. Looks like that big puffy cloud popped up to say 'boo'!

  4. What a great cloud catch! It looks like it wants to go walking on the beach with you.

  5. That is an awesome cloud formation. Rather looks like a snow man floating around.

  6. And isn't timing everything! Beautiful cloud.

  7. Gorgeous sky shot, thanks for sharing!

    Sky watching on one fine afternoon, you visit will mean a lot. Have a safe weekend.

  8. i absolutely love this shot. it's similar to mine in that you included the beautiful sand and it's patterns, and let them have as much power in the photo as the cloud in the sky. nice job. enjoy your weekend. love from the prairie !!! xoxo.


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