Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "learning"

This is (part of) my bookcase.  Started learning French
when I was in high school, started learning Italian when
I lived in Paris.  And in Spain, many years ago, I lived in a small
fishing village with other hippy types (mostly from the U.S.,
Britain, and the Netherlands)—I still remember being SO proud
when I went to the butcher shop, asked for "hamburguesa
por me y sobras por los perros"—and actually got what I wanted.
Recently began learning the language for real (espero).


  1. learning Italian when you lived in Paris-how cool is that!

  2. Communicating in a foreign language is often like a kind of magic, but my Spanish is such that somehow I know I would botch that.

  3. You inspire me, Alexa. I feel so lazy! I have to start doing rather than dreaming about improving my French and learning Italian {and I'm not even at the dreaming stage of Spanish}.

  4. Dictionaries are like travel books, aren't they? You look at them and remember the places, the people. Languages are like different persons, and one gets transformed a little bit too into somebody else while speaking a different language. So you are quite an European already :-)


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