Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays

A Roman detail this time,
in St. Peter's Square.
This was scanned from the archives:
a b&w from the days of  film & darkrooms.

(Must admit—I do miss the darkroom.)

To see more Tuesday travels, visit Sandi's fine blog:


  1. How nostalgic are you today! Rome and the darkroom of all things! How not to miss them.

  2. Darkrooms have a romance that the process of downloading digital files cannot hope to emulate! This is gorgeous, Alexa. I was just reading a Rome feature in Elle Decor this afternoon. [insert sigh here]

  3. OH I see you know my sweet B'ham friend Sandi! Small world isn't it! I love this film version. It's gorgeous. I never did any darkroom stuff. Just too my rolls to the drugstore. Now I'm too impulsive to wait!

  4. ...and how do you know mi amici virginia? :-)
    This photo is beautiful. The textures and shadows are amazing. You take us on the best trips!

  5. Now I definitely have to visit Birmingham—and Brisbane and San Sebastian! I'm going to be very busy (and jet-lagged). :~}


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