Wednesday, September 7, 2011

abc wednesday —H is for "horns"

I get out of breath just looking at this picture!
That's the Lone Sharks'  sax player, Paul Scher,
on the right, and the band's good friend Brian Sears.
(For anyone who's new here, my brother Chris
is the drummer in this
great "roots" band)
They make beautiful music together!


  1. Heh, neat choice for the letter H! They must have good chops to be playing in/with your dear brother's band.

  2. blow, sax men, BLOW!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Lucky you having such friends! Last time in Manhattan we had a great time with the Mingus Big Band at the Jazz Standard Club. Do you like them? But next time I'll ask you where can we go listen your brother!

  4. Inventive H, two saxes together must sound great.
    ABC Team

  5. A fine horn section. Good choice for H Day.

  6. Great picture. And I thought the guy on the right in the phot0 was Clint Eastwood!


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