Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "golden"

I was meant to be paying attention to the
 mass in the Basilica San Marco, in Venice.
But my eyes kept wandering, especially to the
incredible gilded ceiling.  Did wait to take
 this shot though (and btw, the flash and all
the sounds on my camera are turned off).

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  1. Woof! going in that place is really nice! And it's nice to hear about you that your doing great! :))

  2. I've been to Venice twice, and it is still in my memory one of my favorite places and I've always known that I will go there again, at least once more. Beautiful picture, Venice had always that oriental magic too.

  3. Just goes to show that a wandering eye can be quite a harmless and wonderful thing.

  4. If they didn't want you to look up and admire the art, then why didn't they leave walls and domes unpainted, that's my stance! But it was considerate of you to wait for the photo.

  5. Never been there, but that is so beautiful!

  6. Doesn't your mind wonder (and wander also), about the talented artists who created this beauty. And, centuries later, we are still in awe. Sigh. Only 48 days now.

  7. Venice is truly magical and it is everywhere you turn. This golden ceiling is exquisite and it must take incredible commitment to maintain.


  8. What an amazing place! Beautiful shot!


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