Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Venezia . . . mezzanotte

My favorite campo in Venice: Campo Santa Margherita, where
 the students hang out—and the place that stays awake (this shot was
taken around midnight) while the rest of this early-to-bed city sleeps.
Your drink (usually a spritz) is served in a plastic cup,
so you can take it outside the minuscule (as most are) bar.

And here's my friend Pierre, from
Venice Daily Photo, who was 
ordering me a spritz a l'Aperol at Caffé 
when I took this shot.  I was so happy to 
finally meet this gregarious blogger—and his 
beautiful and charming girlfriend, Isabelle!

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  1. “Brrr,” I was thinking. Then I noticed that I didn’t notice any white puffs of breath condensation. Can’t be that cold.

    Nice Christmas colors, again.

    It’s great that you could meet Pierre. I had wondered about his lack of comments on these Venice photos, so close to him, but all is well.

  2. Gee, at first I thought it was a film shoot (see mine today). Chilly, but fun.

  3. Wow! Great for you to meet the famous Pierre, and vice versa!

    I'm staying so close to that Campo for 6 weeks, should rejuvinate me, I reckon.


  4. What a great shot. Love the atmosphere. I"ve not visited Pierre's blog but I must do that. He's a looker! HA

  5. How cool is that Alexa!
    You got to meet a blogger from Italy!
    Did you love speaking to him in Italian?
    It must have been a thrill for both of you.
    I love your festive banner shot.

  6. Hi Alexa! I must say that always being behind the camera, I'm not used to se my own image! You should have presented Isa instead of me, she's photogenic :))
    Anyway, it was definitely a night to rember. So thank you for mentioning it today. Please say Hi to S for us!
    All the Best.

  7. I like the ambiance in your photo, Alexa.

  8. Je trouve qu'il est très beau sur cette photo!!!
    J'ai gardé un très bon souvenir de cette soirée.
    Merci pour votre gentillesse et votre bonne humeur, un bonjour à Steve!

    See you


  9. Isa —moi aussi, j'étais tres bien amusée cette soirée.
    J'espere qu'on peut le faire a NY aussi!


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