Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photo Hunt — "funny"

Venetians have a great sense of humor.  
This is the statue of  Niccolo Tommaseo,
 in Campo Santo Stefano.  The locals 
like to refer to him as "Cagalibri," the
book pooper (gee, I wonder why).

[See more "funny" stuff here at tnchick's meme.]


  1. I guess it DOES look like he's done something....those pigeons will take revenge for the books....

    P.. Re: your chicken foot comment today, I still play with chicken feet that way for a few minutes when I get a chicken with parts....

  2. Tsk, tsk re the irreverent nickname. But the great man sure doesn't seem to be someone who looks after his books all that well, does he? ;D

  3. I just read a quote by Johnny Mercer, on a British musical: “I could eat alphabet soup and shit better lyrics.”

  4. Brilliant, TG—on both counts!


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