Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "construction"

When this campanile—of the church of San Martino, 
on Burano—was constructed, they apparently didn't allow 
for the marshy land.  Oops, and yet it still stands.  
They're working on the belltower of San Marco, in Venice
(which doesn't even look like it's leaning and we're 
still allowed to go up into it), so I have to wonder 
if there are any plans to "straighten" this one.

[You can see more "construction" here.]


  1. The Tower of Pisa's little brother who hasn't shared the fame.... Never realized there was another leaning building like this.

  2. Oh, I remember this well and was surprised at the angle of the "lean" -- At the end of a day in the long shadows of the afternoon, I snapped this same vantage point... beautiful island.


  3. One more Leaning Tower in Italy !

  4. I wonder if they will use some of the same techniques to shore it up as they did with the Tower of Pisa?


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