Monday, December 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Took this from up on the Gianicolo (the Janiculum) hill,
looking down on Trastevere.  From street level, it's 
one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Rome.  
From up here, what stands out are all those satellite dishes!

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  1. Yes, isn't that a sign of the times? Once, it used to be chimneys and weather vanes. Nevertheless, this is a lovely view.

  2. This is a great shot Alexa, & I sure didn't notice them when I was there. Thankfully they aren't noticeable from street level.

  3. Oh, I am surprised. I'm going to choose to pretend they are very large Christmas decorations. Beautifully mellow yellow, Alexa.

  4. surely technology will soon advance to the point of making those blights redundant?!

  5. I think I will enjoy the view and try not to notice the dishes! In Paris they still have those funny old anntenaes on the roof. They always make me smile!

  6. Sign of times. It does look very cool with all those disk on top of the roof. Happy Monday!
    MYM-Town parade


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