Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo Hunt — "hard to find"

These long-stemmed beauties are all but impossible to find even
here in NYC—but easy to locate at the Rialto Market, in Venice.
And the price is right, too—at 10 for 4 euros (about $5.25).


  1. They do look good, and your photo is perfect. I'll have a kilo.... You never see artichokes here.

  2. The muted red and green tints—very arty. The beauty has me teary-eyed gasping for breath. Just goes to show you—arty chokes.

  3. The closest I'll find myself to these is the jar of marinated artichokes in my fridge. But still very tasty on homemade pizza!

    TG ~ heh heh!

  4. Wow, these are beautiful Alexawe have artichokes here on LI but they look nothing like this!

  5. Did you read about the guy who ate a whole artichoke, then threatened to sue the restaurant for not telling him that was the thing to do? Made me laugh when I did! :D

  6. As Shell said—good one, TG!

    YTSL—takes all kinds (of idiots!).


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