Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

 Do you know what you're wearing on New Year's Eve?
(Confession: I'd wear pj's if I could!)  If not, here are
some suggestions compliments of Macy's.

[See more Shadow Shots here.]


  1. PJ is nice :) make it polka dots, and put some coins on its pocket. Those will give you luck all through out the year (according to my mom)

  2. They're cute outfits but I'm with you on the PJs! I like PJs. I'd wear mine to work if I could! Gosh I cannot believe it's almost new year. I wish there was a longer break between Christmas and NY so we could stretch out all the celebrating a little better. It's too much too soon! A sign of getting old perhaps... ;)

  3. I agree with Tracy - a longer break would be great...
    Season's greetings from Helsinki and Casablanca!

  4. totally glamorous!
    & I am looking forward to the new year as well.
    & yes, let's get together Alexa.
    : )

  5. a very striking shot - I am unfortunately wearing bandages for new Year!!

  6. New Year’s Eve Party! I get this kind of image from the photo.


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