Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's My World Tuesday

Pick a title:
1.   I'm so over the '80s.
2.   I finally got a real life!
3.   What was I thinking?
4.   This band was the best, but my
       girlfriend is moving in and she
       just wouldn't understand.
5.   [Your choice]

{See more of the world here.}


  1. My own personal title would be ""I don't know this group"---but have heard of them. I believe Luis in DC posted a throw-away art photo yesterday or the day before, too I often sit stuff like this out, good stuff that nobody I know wants. It's gone before you can blink!

  2. But I enjoy their CDs every day

  3. Isn't this the group where Phil Collins was the lead singer? I loved them back when.....I guess that ages me........Thanks for sharing the amusing and thought provoking photo.


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