Thursday, December 16, 2010

thursday Challenge — "food"

I have dozens of pix of food: raw, cooked, fancy, plain. 
There are fruits and veggies from markets around the world, 
ditto restaurant meals from 3-star to diner.  Too hard to choose!  
But I realized that a lot of the very best things I've ever 
eaten were that good because the chef didn't skimp on . . . butter!  
So I've chosen this essential ingredient—accept no substitutes 
(and get the good stuff for your own cooking).

[You can see more "food" here.]


  1. Round butter! I love the French-demi sel, oval-shaped with fluted edges. Currently there is no domestic butter here, only imported. Cows are on strike or something....

  2. There was an ad campaign here years ago, Butter makes it better. No arguments from me. I love these round ones, Alexa!

  3. If you are not going to use real butter, just don't bother... that's how I feel about cooking and baking.

    Love your new header -- so festive for Christmas!


  4. This is the real thing! Ingredients is only cream and salt, love it!
    Thursday Challenge-Food

  5. I totally concur Alexa. Butter is something that is irreplaceable in a good dish. Though I've never seen butter like this before - so, thanks for sharing !

  6. Oh, Alexa, sweetheart, I am getting so veklempt. It looks just like buttah.

  7. I think “she” meant verklempt. What a shlemazl.


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