Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Challenge—"shiny"

This was found on the same street I showed
you on Monday.  Someone has definitely been
 taking care of the shiny brass door knocker . . .

though the door frame could
use a bit of tending to.

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Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. That door knocker is gorgeous. Did you get that with your long lens? Can’t see a bit of tarnish or patina.

    You know how people of old wore shabby travel clothes to discourage highwaymen from seeing them as potential targets? The worse-for-wear door frame is probably a deceptive cover belying the fact that the door knocker is solid gold and gives entrance to an interior like this. Although I suppose the knocker could just as easily be clear-enameled brass giving way to this.

    It has been really fun getting around Paris vicariously with you. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. Wonderful photo and love the door knocker.

  3. That's a neat knocker and it looks great on the blue door.

  4. Spectacular door knocker. I saw so many on a trip to Savannah and Charleston. Wish it was prevalent here, too.


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