Tuesday, October 7, 2014

vintage vehicle

I went by the Gare de Lyon recently and
found some beautiful old cars on display out front.
My favorite was this 1937 Renault Celtaquatre.
It has a classy two-tone chassis and
 matching Michelin tires . . .

and the trunk actually is one!

[It's Ruby Tuesday. To see more, go here.]


  1. I have a warm place in my heart for classic cars like this. And “a trunk that is a trunk”: great! Now if only there had been someone like this in front we could say that at the hood there was a hood.

  2. Definitely makes you look twice. Did you stick around for a ride? ;)

  3. That is a beautiful 1937 Renault. It is obviously well loved and cared for by its owners. Wouldn't it be fun to travel the back roads in that car? Fine photos.

  4. Beautiful old auto. Kind of amazing how the names of the parts of an auto evolved. Glove box, "crank the starter" all are throw backs to the beginnings. Some folks call the trunk a turtle shell here in the States. Great shots.


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