Friday, October 10, 2014

Mystery Woman

Among all the hundreds of people
in the Gare de Lyon, my eyes (and camera)
were drawn to this woman.  Don't know if she's
famous, but she looks like she should be.

(Or maybe, to paraphrase, Michael Jackson 
is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.)

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  1. I like the way your subject is in focus and the man in the foreground is not quite. Although I haven't looked yet I suspect that you are not visible in the reflections on the sunglasses.

    Are you sure she is a woman? I am no expert but it looks like she has a hint of an Adam’s apple. It is interesting that you mention Michael Jackson. She could be a spitting image.

    Gare de Lyon always makes me think of Le Train Bleu, which always makes me think of Luc Besson’s movie Nikita.

    1. I see what you mean, but definitely a woman. And I was there to have a drink at Le Train Bleu (no casualties, though).

    2. There are some subtle differences between she and Michael Jackson. But nothing that couldn’t be explained by plastic surgery, including the definite womanhood.

      After a grueling day of rehearsals:

      “I gotta do this for 50 days‽ No way. It’d be the death of me. The death of me... the death... Hmm. I think I’ll call my “special concierge.”

      “It’d cost how much to fake my death? Holy sheit. Hey, how ‘bout we use one of my old brain-dead clones I’ve had lying around for years on ‘life’ support? Can I get a discount? What? Still? That’s a lot of money... (hmm. I could get Sony ATV Publishing to let Parlophone and Capital records know that they would be into okaying for a few Beatles compilations albums and stuff). OK, you’re on.“

      “See you Thursday. June 25th.”

      Sings, after the song:

      ♫"Je ne veux pas la fin de moi"♬♪

      I don’t mean to imply anything here. Just trying to explain with a flight of imagination something uncanny.

      So glad that you had a great time at Le Train Bleu.

  2. A fashionista! The comparison with Michael made me smile.

  3. I thought the same thing as TG - about the resemblance to MJ as well as how beautifully you've captured this shot.
    Nicely done Alexa.
    & I hope you are enjoying Autumn too.
    ; )

  4. Well, of course a couple of people beat me to it in saying she does look like MJ. Like the contrasts here.

  5. Well she looks a bit like Mickael Jackson, you're quite right ; I suppose it is because of the shape of her nose, and her lips make-up... Nice catch : that is indeed a strange reflection.

  6. You really grabbed this shot! Gary, she was not in the reflection because she took this photo from across the station - fabulous technique here! Oh, and we had a great time at Le Train Bleu.


    1. This is starting to remind me of the old classic movie Blow Up. In this case, a photo from way across a large Paris train station, random and captured only due a talented photographer’s skill and long lens, yet...

      It is so nice that you got to be part of the insider’s story of this shot and this day.

  7. Creepy! The nose and cheekbones are very Michael Jackson. He's come back as a woman.. (!)
    Very clever shot!

  8. Love the B & W edit to this very interesting shot

  9. Amazing how much she looks like Michael Jackson!

  10. Wow! What a find! My first thought was M.J. Very cool pic!

  11. Great capture. I like the reflections in her glasses.

  12. I agree with the other comments, the similarities with Michael Jackson are very strong


  13. A very nice portrait, and I tend to agree with you interpretation :-)

  14. I'm sorry to be so late - I think my comment failed to post yesterday.

    I love those reflections - excellent!

  15. Moody, mysterious, contrasty... Great!

  16. "... between she and Michael Jackson." Yikes!


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