Friday, October 24, 2014

on the mend

This shop, called Artefact, specializes in
making and repairing architectural models.
It's one of the places along the Viaduc des Arts,
a very, very successful rehab of a railroad
viaduct.  The top became the Promenade Plantée
(which inspired NYC's High Line), and the
vaults below were divided into 64 spaces and given
glass walls front and back.  Artists and artisans
work there now, creating porcelain and
parasols, leather goods, furniture, fine art, and more.

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  1. What a magical place the Artefact must be!

  2. I love the details and I love your black and white photography.

  3. A beautiful polished surface creating great reflections.

  4. Beautiful reflections, well done!

  5. It must be a good shop of architectural things... Amazing reflection of the white models...

  6. Wonderful models with great reflection. Have a good weekend.

  7. That is such an interesting discovery for me. Those models are really incredible of realism, and the reflection is perfect for the day.

  8. Such detail, what beautiful craftsmanship in these models. Lovely, lovely photos!

  9. Nice reflections AND nice tones of grey

  10. The Viaduc des Arts must be a wonderful place to visit. Your photo makes me wish for models like that - such perfect detail! Love the reflections, too.

  11. They look like they are sitting on glass.


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