Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday Challenge—"together"

Seen in Montmartre recently:
side by side, my hometown and my 
once-upon-a-time and
would-be-again (I hope) home.

For me, they absolutely go together.

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  1. Yes, these are both great cities. Interesting photo.

  2. Very cool! This reminds me of some Paris/NYC double exposure photos that I saw a while ago. They seemed to mesh very well.

  3. Yes. It is likely in your cards, or simply the result of prodigious effort, to once again go from NY to Paris. Once back there again as a resident, you know if you get homesick she will always be waiting for you at the western tip of Île des Cygnes. In fact, she’s waiting for you now.

  4. Of course they do and we all know that Parisians long for your NYC! :)

  5. Love the photo and the idea (AND both cities), even if the hats themselves are rather hideous.


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