Friday, October 17, 2014

ladies on the metro

I liked the expression on these ladies'
faces just as much as I liked the
ones on the people in the ad above them.
So I tried to be sneaky with my phone in the
Budapest metro—however, I don't think 

I fooled the woman on the right. 

[It's Pink Saturday. To see more, visit Beverly's meme.]


  1. Agree about the expressions on the ladies and the ad. Maybe you did fool her; she may be just thinking, 'lost in space'. --- I'll be out of town for two weeks,so won't be able to comment for a while.

  2. They neither seemed to be very happy. Trust their day got better.

  3. I don't think you fooled the lady on the right, either! She has that, "Don't make me have to get up and come over there!" look on her face!!! So funny! But you pulled it off! The lady on the left looks like she's just kind of caught up in her own little world in her bright pink frock! (Visiting from Bev's "Pink Saturday")

  4. Excellent shot! I like the mix of face real and in print.


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