Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ABC Wednesday—M is for "Montmartre"

Even on a random Tuesday in September, the crowds
descend on Montmartre.  Well, it was a gorgeous day.  
But we discovered this little park (named for a
highly decorated WWII resistance fighter) not far off
 beaten path.  It has an even better view of
Sacré Coeur and aside from us there were only
young locals there—who have managed
to leave their mark behind this little waterfall.

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  1. Lovely and well focused image!

  2. Who would be Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet?

    I like the way Sacré Coeur is framed by the foliage, the whiteness of the clouds on the left and the glint of sun up there. Only on looking closer did I realize what you meant by “little waterfall.” The skankiness of the graffiti made me wonder what the young locals do when they bring inebriative beverages to the park late at night and what a little thermochromatic coating could do to spruce up the aesthetics.

  3. It's very tiring to climb up there, lol !

  4. It must be great to be able to wonder around and see the area around from different angles. You don't often have time on a tour.

  5. So enjoying your Paris photos....


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