Sunday, October 26, 2014

sombras de domingo

Yes, I did walk around Paris looking for shadows.  
Thanks to the sunny weather, I found plenty—these were 
at Lusofolie's, a space in the Viaduc des Arts
(see the post from day before yesterday) 
that's dedicated to Portuguese culture.
(I guess some Portuguese wine is enjoyed here too.)

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. Sometimes, shadows make better shots than what makes the shadow. Great capture!!

  2. Lovely shadows, and this photo works so well in black and white.

    Helpful in the Shadows

  3. I can’t really improve on bettyl-NZ’s first comment on top, above.

    That diagonal at top reminded me of the David Niven/Powell/Pressburger movie “Stairway to Heaven.” (Retitled in a way easy to see at the link.) If Mr. Niven were drinking a Portuguese wine he could do worse than the Touriga Nacional grape variety.


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