Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Challenge—"happy"

And why shouldn't they be happy?
They're young, beautiful, in love, and (here's the
icing on the gâteau) they live in Paris!
I met them at a (now) über-trendy rooftop bar
where my friend and I were the oldest
people there by 30 or 40 years. We don't care
so much about that and had a great time

chatting with Sarah and Frédéric.  In my experience,
the young people who are really worth getting
to know are usually the ones who think you are too.

[To see more of the Thursday Photo Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi again. Made a major spelling mistake, so I deleted my comment! Here it is again with the error fixed.

    "I often had this experience in India...lots of young, fresh, tourists with me and similar locals sitting with us, but they were interested in my tales. Happy couple indeed. And you see I'm in like Flint, so you may have solved your problem!!"

  3. What a great time we had chatting with these two adorable Parisians. You captured them just as I remember.


  4. It is wonderful to be around younger folks. Great shot for the theme.


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