Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photo Hunt—"broken"

. . . but these remnants of a colossal statue of
Emperor Constantine still exude a sense of power.
It was originally made almost 2,000 years ago

 and these marble parts were discovered 
more than five decades ago. They were brought up 
to the Capitoline Hill by Michelangelo and 
remain there, in the courtyard of the Capitoline Museum.

[To see more things that are "broken," visit tnchick's meme.]


  1. I like the photo! Such an interesting story behind those broken parts.

  2. Interesting shot. Like the arrangement of what bits there are left of the statue. :)

  3. Love the arrangement of these broken parts!

  4. I love this courtyard and all the pieces laying about. Have a similar shot in my archives.


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