Tuesday, October 25, 2011

abc wednesday —O is for "Occupy Wall Street"

Have encountered some of the protesters on
the Brooklyn Bridge, but haven't managed to get 

down to Zuccotti Park to document what's
going on at their "encampment."  So I asked my
daughter Kate (who works 2 blocks from here)
to take some pictures.  **Power to the people!**

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  1. Oh! what a fantastic take on the theme!! Yes: occupy WS!

    O is for..

  2. A clever idea for the O. Well done.

  3. What an OBVIOUSLY appropriate idea. We have an OCCUPY Albany I've gone by, but haven't spent time yet.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Yes it was Wall Street, and then the greed of so many (of us) behind it.

  5. They're occupying here as well, so far to minimal effect. Alas. My ABC Wednesday is O is for Oracle.

  6. great post - wonderful to see the people taking action

  7. Hello, I m just arrived home from NYC and kind in love with this rare city. Brooklyn - we loved to be there! Nice to find you, NYC will now have much more meaning to me. Please, have a glance how I see your town. Best wishes from Norway

  8. Great capture of the street scene.

  9. Great "O" post. I haven't been down there either...


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