Wednesday, October 19, 2011

abc wednesday —N is for "newlyweds"

Very newly-wed, in fact—my unabashedly ecstatic
young friends just got married a few days ago.
I love a happy bride and groom, don't you?

The flower girl made herself quite at home
up on the altar.  I know what you're thinking and
no, she didn't crawl up under the bride's gown.

(Though that would have been really funny)

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  1. Such infectious smiles. Now that is a contagion one would wish to become pandemic. If not worldwide, at least within their own relationship on into forever.

    At first I wondered what the flower girl was looking at. OK. Then I got to wondering if the Persian carpet triggered a memory of a past life in this realm.

  2. yes, very sweet, though when we got married, I had to negotiate hard to let my 8-y.o. niece be in the wedding, for that very reason. she was great, btw.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Now, that's happy! Lovely to see ~ and the flower girl is such a sweetie. Say, speaking of sweeties of a different kind, Hugh is in NYC rehearsing for his show there. Be on the lookout, dear Alexa!

  4. I love weddings, what lovely choice for N
    N is for...

  5. I like the boy with the Just Married sign, in case someone didn't notice :-)

  6. @Pet: The little boy with the Just Married sign is a cute touch. I wonder if these were soon to go around his ankles.

  7. Pet and TG -- he also preceded the bride and her father into the church—on the other side of the banner it said "Here Comes the Bride." Twice the cuteness.

  8. they look so happy - what is it about kids and weddings that always seem to provide the perfect photos


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