Monday, October 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

Flew back from Virginia last night, and they had us in a
holding pattern for a while, circling over the industrial parts of
New Jersey (so ugly at ground level in the daytime and yet so
beautiful from up here at night).  I amused myself by trying
(as always) to get a really clear shot at many thousands of feet 

and 500 mph—even though I know it's pretty much impossible. 

To see more Mellow Yellow, go here: 


  1. Wow my heart beat fast when I see this photo hehe.

    Farmers Market Galore

  2. Excellent photo! Perfect for MYM ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (linked with Mellow Yellow and Magical Monday)

  3. a most interesting take for Mellow Yellow; well done!


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