Monday, October 3, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

I think you could call these Paris pastries too much of a good thing.   
So I turned away and saved my calories for some lovely little 
macarons.  Oh, and a fabulous tarte tatin with crème fraiche.  
Wait—there was also ice cream from Berthillon. 
Hmmm . . . suddenly I'm not feeling so virtuous anymore.

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  1. Hmmm, I would call it: - Just fighting the diminishing light of autumn :-)
    And thanks a lot for sharing your Meryl story. How I would have loved that!

  2. It's fine, Alexa ~ I skipped reading from 'macarons' and resumed at 'virtuous' so your tarte tatin, crème fraiche and Berthillon did not count. {This scene is at least a few rosettes of cream away from too much.}

  3. It looks like someone has been eating one of those cakes without a bib.

    Don’t worry about the extra calories. There is an easy way to burn them off.

  4. I don't know if I can resist these food. They all look so good I am even craving it now hehe.

    Yellow Rose

  5. Luscious photo! ~ Hope you enjoyed the pastries ~ ^_^^_^~ Thanks, namaste, Carol ( A CreativeHarbor) linked with MYM

  6. Great shot that looks yummy...

  7. I think you show marvelous restraint dear. You could have gobbled it all~ !:)

  8. Some things are just too hard to resist :)

  9. I'll have a chocolate eclair....

  10. I missed you MYM post! - it seems all the W-Eur. countries have bakeries with pastries and chocolates galore! In a few weeks I'll be visiting the Dutch bakeries! May be I should fast from now till then!

  11. Yummy, Yum! These yummy food are so hard to ignore:)

    Visiting from MYM! Hope you can visit me back:)


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