Wednesday, October 5, 2011

abc wednesday —L is for "Little Italy"

Normally, I go out of my way to avoid the crowds
at New York's Feast of San Gennaro (the patron saint
of Naples), held every September since 1926.
Originally, the newly arrived immigrant merchants
and cafe owners shared their wares and food with
passersby here along Mulberry Street in exchange for
a small offering for the poor.  I'm pretty sure the
vendors aren't expected to give away all their
profits these days, when more than a million
people show up for the ambience and the zeppole.   

To see more interpretations of the letter L, go here:        


  1. Makes me think of the beginning of Emmett Grogan’s Ringolevio, for some reason. But I really don’t know New York from nothin’.

  2. More than a million people? That's a lot of ambience!

  3. I hear NYC's Little Italy has been shrinking.
    Coincidentally, my father was born in September of 1926, albeit 180 miles away.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. It is pretty cool how something so small and neighbourly can grow and grow... and grow!

  5. The people of 1926 would be astounded by the million people. Wonder what the size of NY was in those days.

  6. This is a great street scene but I'd be a little overwhelmed with that crowd!

  7. wow! a million? that is incredible. not hard to believe considering how many people travel through NY in a single day-I guess I just never thought about how the population would effect an event such as this.

  8. Last time there - December - it was 3 feet of snow, and still a big crowd!


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