Wednesday, July 28, 2010

abc Wednesday - B is for "brides on Brooklyn Bridge"

The bridge is not just for proposals.
Maybe that couple will also hike up here 
with their photographer after
they've tied the knot—though folks
have also gotten married on the bridge.
Mazel tov to all these happy
 brides and grooms!

[See more of the letter B here at ABC Wednesday.]


  1. I'll bet those newlyweds would love copies of these pics of yours, Alexa ~ what beauties.

  2. I’m afraid it’s a little late for my new bride and I to get married there, but perhaps we could stop off on our honeymoon. I understand that at night the softly flickering lighting around the Brooklyn Bridge is quite romantic.

    Wow. You really went to town with those multiple “B”s. One “B” for each superb photo. You deserve a non-alphabetical A plus for this one.

  3. I wonder if this couple fell in love on the BB?
    they look so cute.
    TG, love your link. I loved that movie & the Gene Wilder spoof is even better.

  4. Oh, Lily, that movie you like just brings tears to my eyes remembering my wedding night and how just as I was about to enfold my bride in my arms she said to me those profound words of love: “Taffeta, darling.”

  5. Love the different ways weddings are celebrated now - always something different out there!

    ABC Team

  6. Not much to add after TG and Lily.
    I like the Brooklyn Bridge very much, it has always represented a big part of NY, and hope I'll be able to walk on it with my husband, but certainly not like bride and groom, it is a little too late, today being our 31st Wedding Anniversary !

  7. Fun stuff, and a great idea.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. What a great B for the day! Terrific captures, Alexa! What fun place to get married! Have a great day!

    ABC Team

  9. Marylene -- congratulations to you and your husband!
    [Sunday was my 35th wedding anniversary—or it would have been if it weren't for that divorce. :~} ]

  10. Terrific B's! Blushing brides and beaming bridegrooms...

  11. Neat-o. I will have a 'bride on a bridge' shot this Sunday!

    These couples look happy!

  12. Thinking of the couple Marylène.

    And wishing some kind of appropriate happiness to Alexa here.

    Nice, um, anniversary cake though.

  13. Thank you for your colorful wishes, TG !!!


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