Monday, July 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Must admit that this is definitely
a not-so-mellow yellow. These giant 
rats are usually parked by
union workers in front of buildings
where non-union labor is hired.
Maybe at this building, on 42nd Street, 
they've hired non-union
workers to clean out asbestos.

[You can see more Mellow (or not)
Yellow here.]


  1. I saw this guy last time I was in NYC, but no 'asbestos' sign. I was inn a car and couldn't get close to him, but perhaps he 'rats' on other ecological issues in addition to asbestos!

  2. Yours sounds like a very logical conclusion, Alexa. This rat left his mellow at home in his presumably asbestos-free union-maintained digs.

  3. We get warnings about wildlife here in California like this. I guess it must be Arizona that has warnings of its own. It stands to reason NYC would have versions appropriate to itself, like here.

  4. yikes!
    this is the first time I've seen one of these rats with a sign on it.
    Great catch Alexa.

  5. That rat would certainly get ones attention!

  6. Pardon, but I hope asbestos kills all the rodents. Ewwww


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