Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

If I were retired, I'd definitely get a membership
to the Metropolitan Museum.  I'd work my way
through the whole place, then start all over
again. You could spend days right here
in the Egyptian wing.

[See more shadows here.]


  1. I'd probably be right there with you! I adore all things Egyptian! Wonderful photo!

  2. The only time I've ever been in New York I spent the entire day in the Metropolitan Museum, much of it in the Egyptian section. Nice shadow shot.

  3. so true! Also, I find that it's not easy taking so much greatness in, for me it requires lots of breaks in between looking. It can be very time consuming.

  4. I’m pretty sure you are not going to be taking the subway there. I see you using an alternate means of transportation.

  5. I'd be with you, too. I especially love the Egyptian section... I am waiting for a time machine to be built. It has to be one where I won't get sick from 'old' germs and move just a bit faster than real time, so people won't see me...but I can see them.

  6. Now that sounds like a nice plan! Love the shadow shot! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  7. I spent days in the Egyptian section of the Louvre !!! So I do understand you.

  8. That sounds great to me too..
    Wonderful shadow/picture..
    Happy SSS.


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