Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "hot"

Almost any shot I've taken in the past few
weeks here in NYC should qualify, but
the glassblowers of Murano have to deal
with summer temps—and this too.

[You'll find more "hot" blogs here.]


  1. I love the colors you’re up to these days.

    Wiping away floods of perspiration flowing across and obscuring the lenses, I was lucky somehow to be properly attired enough to be able to peer into that, well, what I could see more clearly as this. Looks like Rodin really nailed it down with his Gates of Hell.

  2. a fun one to enlarge Alexa!
    & yes I agree about the temps. I don't think we've had one cool day this Summer, have we?

  3. As always, TG, you're making my day !!
    Nice shot, Alexa !!

    Wwhen in Venice, on a cold week of October, we used to say, as a joke, that Murano was the only place where we were not cold !!
    And it was not true, we were lucky, the sunniest and warmest day was the one we spent in Burano !!

  4. That took me back, Alexa! I sometimes wonder if it reaches a point where it's so darn hot, they don't feel the difference any more ~ it's just HOT.

  5. I have often marveled at how glassblowers stand all that heat. But the outcome is worth it. Here I'm just hot and have created no beautiful art.

  6. Just had to say -- great linkage, TG, and my WV is "swets" (which we will be doing again today, with temps once more in the 90s).

  7. It has been quite hot in Ontario this week too.

    Nice shot of the kiln!


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