Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "weather"

I chose this shot because a) we've been having
mostly hot and humid here and this looks so
refreshing, and b) it's Paris—the outdoor tables
at the Flore—and yesterday was Bastille Day so
of course Paris was exactly where I wanted to be.
Sigh.  [See more "weather" here.]


  1. How beautiful! Today I was actually thinking how I missed the snow.
    Thanks Alexa.

  2. This is summer. It can’t be. But Paris as a certain paradise for a certain person: this might just be... (was a thought that was runnin’ ‘round my brain).

  3. It's over 90 here now and that snow looks awfully inviting...

  4. I'm heading off with my hot water bottle right now!

  5. I wish I was there right now, too! Who cares about the rain (or snow) -- just love the picture!

    Thanks for visiting my new blog -- merci!

  6. For a moment, I thought you were really in Paris or in France because, in addition with the thunderstorms, many places were covered with hail yesterday !!!

  7. Thanks, y'all (and Keith via TG). See, I knew it—if you love Paris, you love it in any weather (though must admit that it looks better from 90°+ temps here and now than it did when I was about to walk a mile through it at the time)!

  8. What a lovely glow in that cold weather shot!


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