Wednesday, July 21, 2010

abc wednesday - A is for "ancient"

And also for Athens and Acropolis, where
I took this shot a long time ago—using
Kodachrome (speaking of ancient), a
kind of film you can't even buy anymore
(sorry about that, Paul and Art).

[You'll find lots more for "A" here—where
ABC Wednesday is starting its 4th year!]


  1. Ha-ha Alexa, great link.
    You must have thousands of photographs from your travels & I hope we get to see them all!

  2. Ah, Kodachrome....and Ilford...and.... One day I must organize my slides and negatives. When I was at the Acropolis a number of years back, it was so hot that I almost fainted. Fortunately, there was a fountain up there where people could fill their water bottles, so I stuck my head under the faucet...

  3. Great view, quite a long job to digitize all pictures and slides, I haven't found the energy to do it yet !!!

  4. Ancient in both ways ~ well done! It has a kind of hand-coloured look about it.

  5. I remember the song by Paul Simon!
    Great stuff!
    Yes - Year 4 of ABC Wednesday has begun!

    ABC Team

  6. How unique a word choice for "A" and you still have the Ancient photo of many moons ago using the Ancient Kodachrome. ; ) I liked your "A" choice today.

  7. managed to get to the link this time !!
    Great memories ! Thanks, Alexa !!

  8. It is so amazing that the people of today can still see amazing structures like this one. Great capture.

    My ABC Wednesday post is up HERE.

  9. Kodachrome! Love it! I have so many pics in that form...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Three "A's" - that's good ..

  11. Love the gradations in the blue-to-pink sky; and the brighter pink parthenon (taken at dawn—the rosy fingered?). Great link, too. Thanks.

    (I think I need a new search engine. I tried to look up information about the culture from which your photo arises but all I got were lyrics like this:
    Summer lovin ', μου είχε ένα ωστικό κύμα
    Summer lovin ', συνέβη τόσο γρήγορα

    I guess “Grease” in Greek is a kind of Greece, but I don’t know. I think I need a new search engine...).

  12. Kodachrome reminded me of Paul Simon! I used to use it all the time. I miss film but am getting used to digital. Great shot!

  13. Old is not so bad! :) Beautiful photo!

  14. Glad you all liked it.
    TG -- Tee hee—I always assumed you ARE the search engine.

  15. lovely! i hope to visit this one day :)


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