Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ABC Wednesday—E is for "empty"

That's my friend Jimmy and we were the only
customers in this Trader Joe's in Sarasota
on a Saturday night last month.

Here in NYC, you'll never see one of these stores
looking like this—even if it's first thing in the morning
or two minutes before closing time.
(Are you lucky enough to have a 
Trader Joe's near you?)

[To see more ABC shots, go here.


  1. Hello Alexa,

    And, now we feel bereft, for we have no 'Trader Joe' in town or country. Indeed, we have never been inside a 'Trader Joe' in our lives. Sometimes we feel that we are missing out........

    It would have been very tempting to be dancing up and down the deserted aisles........!!

  2. Yes, that's a rather seldom view !

  3. Non, but we have a glimmer of hope for the future!

  4. Nice choice for ABCW this week! And, since I haven't stopped by before, I have to add I also love the header for your blog. Thanks!

  5. we have a Trader Joe's in Albany County, NY only in the past year. I've not yet been in it.



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