Monday, February 9, 2015

Dinner in Budapest

Our friends took us to one of their favorite
restaurants (Klassz, on Andrassy Ut—go if you 
visit Budapest).  The food was excellent and 
the company even more so, but now I wish someone
had explained the illustration on this bottle of
sparkling rosé.  It was very good, btw, and cost
about 920 forints (that's approximately $3.50—yet

another reason to love this beautiful city).

[It's Mandarin Orange Monday. To see more, go here.]


  1. Hello Alexa,

    We were eating in Klassz just this very weekend and drinking red wine this time instead of the pink Rosé which we enjoyed with you. Alas, as you point out, the Hungarian wine is very reasonably priced and totally delicious so one is very tempted....

    The label says 'very fizzy' which indeed the wine was. It looks to us as if the people illustrated are bathing in it........good idea?!

    1. Absolutely . . . well, maybe when the weather warms up a bit. :~}
      (And now I'm envious, and wishing Genie and I had been there with you again!)

  2. Intriguing label indeed♪

  3. Oh, my. How exciting to see things written about places in Budapest. We will be spending a few days there in the spring of 2016. Must make a log of places mentioned by bloggers!

  4. Thanks for sharing these reviews about your dinner in Budapest. I am glad that you had a great experience. I am finding similar affordable party venues for our first anniversary and not getting anything in budget.


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