Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Challenge—"machines"

If I were in the market for a car (which
I'm not since I don't drive), I probably wouldn't
plunk down $70,000 (and up) for a
Tesla Model S—even though it is an awesome machine.
 I do hope cars like this that need no fossil fuels
whatsoever become more common and more affordable. 

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  1. I had to compromise and purchase a hybrid. At least it gets 42 MPG.

  2. it 's is a beautifull car...bunt I also don't want it....pppfff so much money

  3. A beautifull car indeed, I think I would enjoy driving it..... If someone would let me;-)) it is a bit too expensive for me!

  4. Beautiful car, special machine to drive in. Nice!

  5. Not in my budget. LOL. Wow 70000+ isn't that just crazy... I'll just stick with my 2004 Highlander. LOL


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