Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Weekend in Black and White

Anyone who's been coming to this blog for a while
knows that I suffer from terrace envy.
But when there's snow every few days, temps 
are in the teens and twenties, and 
wind chills drop them to single digits and even 
below 0°F . . . you can have your terrace—
now I have a case of fireplace envy.

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.
Also linking back to the B&W Photography Project at PODcast.]


  1. Those terraces look VERY cold! They make a great photo though.

  2. The roof tops look much cleaner which a coating of snow. Just have to wait a month or two for warmer weather to enjoy the terraces.

  3. Great contribution to the b&w theme!
    My post at:

  4. Great view, it looks very pretty with the snow but I would rather be in front of a fireplace too!

  5. Woah! How high up are you?! Like the idea of a rooftop terrace :)

    1. I'm looking down from my office on the 24th floor.

  6. I have terrace and fireplace envy too. Lovely photo - looks awfully cold!

  7. Fabulous POV my dear and one that we don't usually see of the Big Apple. I"m over snow envy. About 1992 or so we had a big one and it about shut B'ham down. Been there done that. I like the ones we get here that come one day, we take pictures and eat and drink a lot and it melts the next day!


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