Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Reflections

More of the "Treasures of the Maharajas"
exhibit at the Met (all of the pieces
now belong to Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, of
Qatar).  These are early- to mid-19th-century
ankle bracelets, which might have been
worn by a woman or a man. They're gold, with
sapphires and pearls and green glass beads—so
pretty, but you probably wouldn't want to wear them
if you were planning to sneak up on someone.

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  1. I was not sure where the reflections were but the shadows are good

    1. Hard to tell maybe, but the bottom row of green is a reflection.

  2. It is really amazing. The green reflections look as green (actually more so) and free-form three dimensional as the beads the light is shining through.

  3. Don't tell the Maharajas, Alexa, but I think the way your camera has given them an extra row through reflection makes them even lovelier ! Bon weekend, ma chère.

  4. great shot. The reflections gives the green beads more 3D effect. Looks like there would be another row of beads. Cool!

  5. Very fancy and pretty bracelets. Love the green reflections, Alexa.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  6. They sure are fancy! Much fancier than my ankle bracelets. :-)


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