Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ABC Wednesday—F is for "food trucks"

Lined up outside on a recent night when the
Metropolitan Museum of Art was open late, these
food trucks offered everything from hot dogs
to hot soup.  But while the food may have been hot, 

the temp was not.  My daughter and niece and 
opted instead to hike about 40 blocks 
(that's two miles) south for some yummy Italian
food—and wine—in a nice warm restaurant.

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  1. I was in NYC last Friday - FRIGID!

  2. We have food vans in the UK but I avoid them, I too prefer to dine in a restaurant or similar,
    I've never been one for eating on the hoof ,
    We have Pop Up diners that usually belong to a restaurant where the set up stall, say in a busy Market place
    and put a few tables and chairs out.
    They get into trouble with the local authorities for not having a licence so they 'up sticks' and 'Pop Up' elsewhere!
    best wishes,
    Di. ABCW team.
    busy mark

  3. Love the colors and lights against the darkness! And fun food...

  4. So much for the power of branding. It looks like the most popular one got a discount on the sign by going totally generic.

    Or was it: Owner to the maker of the food truck, “That’s a great job you did with the kitchen and displays. Now could you put up an LED sign?”

    “Sure. No problem.”

  5. Wow...LOTS of food trucks! :-)


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