Saturday, March 1, 2014

a glitzy ET

I thought about plunking down 15 euros and
adding this sparkly pink Eiffel Tower to
my collection.  In the end I was able to resist
its (probably made in China) charms.

[It's Pink Saturday. To see more, visit Beverly's meme.]


  1. Its a very pretty pink Eiffel Tower....and we get to enjoy without you spending a penny...HPS Michelle

  2. You should have bought it. I am still regretting not having bought a much larger 20-euro one this summer.... But I was traveling with a backpack (already full) and feared the pointy Eiffel might have been considered a weapon... Love your photo!! (And mine was not pink, though with a little paint...)

  3. Very pretty, here in Belgium, several things made allso in China.Have a nice weekend.

  4. I love it! I probably wouldn't have been able to resist it! Happy Pink Saturday! Marti

  5. & this one would be hard to resist too! I give you lots of credit for not giving in.


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