Friday, March 7, 2014

Bird of Paradise

Snow!  Ice!  Cold!  More snow!
I've really needed a flower fix lately—I'm talking
about real flowers here, growing-in-the-ground flowers.
Fortunately, the indoor habitats at the
Brooklyn Botanic Garden have just what I'm craving.

[Orange You Glad It's Friday? If so, visit Maria's meme.]


  1. Nothing of any color yet blooming here...sure would like to see this in person now.

  2. Beautiful and breath-taking. Conservatories such as this really help us maintain our sanity during the cold and icy winter months!!

  3. That is a beauty! You caught it in full bloom. It must be 60 years since I was last [and only once] in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Gotta add it to my bucket list.

  4. Craving floral beauty here as well....broke down and bought flowers from the grocer just to have them in my house♪ Love your shot!


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