Sunday, March 9, 2014


Construction on this gorgeous Gothic church was
begun in 1532 and completed 105 years later.
The church has served the area of Les Halles for
almost 400 years.  Saint-Eustache is a wonderful place
to attend an organ concert; their organ boasts
8,000 pipes (!) and is reputed to be the largest in France
(and it has a beautiful sound).

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  1. absolutely gorgeous - i love the glow, the bokeh - i thank you for sharing at InSPIREd Sunday. would love to go there & see it in person. ( :

  2. I love the night shot! Thanks for sharing this week.

  3. Being the Francophile that you are, you probably know that it was at St. Eustache that the funeral for Mozart's mother was held after she died in Paris during one of the then 22 year-old Mozart's concert tours. St. Eustache was once the richest church in Paris, thus the church is the size of (or larger than) many cathedrals, including Nôtre-Dame. This was because St. Eustache not only served the merchants of Les Halles, but because it was so close to the Louvre, it was also the parish of the government officials. The parish began its slow decline when the government was moved from the Louvre and accelerated when the old market was moved to the suburbs in 1969-1970. Nonetheless, it remains a beautiful church - and as you wrote, it is justifiably famous for its splendid organ. Looking across the park at the church from Forum Les Halles, St. Eustache always looks to «Louis» to be a vast ocean liner sailing on a sea of grass.

    1. Clearly, Louis loves this church as much as I do!

  4. Love the night shot of this wonderful church!

  5. Wht a beautiful old building :)


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