Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday

On a recent rare sunny (and warm!) day,
I took a stroll in the West Village
and stopped by the school my kids attended
for 10 years.  It's attached to this church,
St. Luke in the Fields—so named because when
it was built, it was the "country" parish of
Trinity, the "city" church at the top of Wall Street.

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I'm also linking back today to inSPIREd Sunday.]


  1. It's good to revisit places like this. I enjoy going to my hometown, but haven't for a while; always fly right by. Yesterday I photographed a shadow of a tree on bricks, and maybe I'll post the photo. No nostalgia, though, like in your photo; just a wall.

  2. The yellow doors look very welcoming. Thanks for sharing in InSPIREd Sunday.

  3. hi there, Alexa. nice to meet you, I'm Beth. Sally & I are hosts at InSPIRED Sunday. we wish to thank you for linking up with us at InSPIREd Sunday. i love the yellow doors. take care & enjoy your weekend. ( :

  4. hee hee... and at the time, it probably was truly in "the fields"! :-)
    «Louis» is on a "Loot-ren" kick today...

    His Sunday Bridges post was shot with his 250 mm Tamron lens.

  5. How things can change through the years! In the fields no more.

  6. Fascinating photo. It looks as if the tree limbs are trying to scratch their way through the brick wall.

  7. Soon those bare trees will be leafing out again, providing even fuller shadows!

    Nestling in Shadows

  8. oh I love churches 'in the field' !
    thanks for sharing with us =)


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