Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Love 2013"

That's the name of this fiberglass
sculpture by Ana Tsarev; it's part of her
Love and Peace Global Campaign. If
you're in NYC, you can see it (and take a picture
 to become part of the "campaign") at the corner of
2nd Ave. and 47th St. (about a block from
U.N. headquarters) until April 27. 

[It's Ruby Tuesday; for more, go here.
And for more of Our World, go here.]


  1. A stunning piece of art…love the dark red color!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Georgia O'Keefe woulda been proud.

  3. I love outdoor art & I especially like the idea behind this piece.
    Thanks for sharing Alexa.
    ; )

  4. This is stunning! I love the shiny red, the shape, everything. Great composition.


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