Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"bottle"

I'd love to be right where I took this picture: 
Paris (the Marais), in a cozy café, at an old, 
worn table with a great view of  the passing scene.

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  1. I have been spending too much time with reds. I really must get in a stock (a bottle or two) of whites. Anything Alsace would be nice, or... I mean, you make that look so good.

    It’s funny, just a couple days ago I was Google Street viewing a place in Marais here. This is where he was staying, subleasing a flat in Paris. Out the South Gate of Place des Vosges, cross Rue Saint-Antoine; down Rue Beautreillis a little over a block, on the right, 17.

  2. Nice photo. A glass of good wine would be perfect right now.

  3. I'd like to be there too!
    This looks SO inviting.


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