Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"stationery"

Here's a very small sampling of the cards I've been making 
with some of my photos (these were all taken around 
New York).  Was feeling a bit shy about putting 
them out there, but then a friend agreed to sell
 them at her store down in Virginia.  They've gotten a
 pretty good response, and that is SO gratifying.

[To see more of the Thursday Photo Challenge, go here.]


  1. Your photos (mostly) always get a great response here.

    Your friend’s customers in Virginia are so lucky. How else could they acquire such pieces of beauty to embellish their lives and those of others at such a reasonable cost?

    Please let us know when you have your own online store at Ebay or Zazzle or wherever.

    What will your store name be? Toyota already has “A Lexus.” “All XXXs” sounds too, well, X-rated.

    “Card-a Mom” has a little spice to it... "Add a little spice to your life with Card-a-Mom.”

    Oh well. I’m sure Katie has a good suggestion. No ifs and or butts about it.

  2. Good for you, and these are gorgeous.

  3. That's wonderful news, Alexa! Clearly people in Virginia know a beautiful thing when they see it. And ditto to TG's request if you put your lovely cards online!

  4. Very nice cards my dear. The very

    best to you Sweetie on your journey in card making.

    That was the first thing I ever did

    myself card making. People convinced

    me and I

    then went to all types of card making

    as I entered here .

    The sky is the limit. I sold them at gift shops at hospitals.

    Cards are peoples choices for certain occasions. So go for it.

  5. Wonderful that you're doing that! You've got so many excellent photos.

  6. & I can see why they have gotten a good response! these are lovely Alexa!


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