Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Weekend in Black and White

Thought it was about time I tried a portrait, and I'm
no good at approaching strangers (wish I was).
So here's one of my favorite people—a daughter of two
more of my favorite people and a great little model.

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  1. Fine portrait, endearing model. It's worked well.

  2. People capture... one of the goals for next year is to include a lot more portraits in my work...just got to get better at asking people.


  3. I’m sure this portrait will become a long-held keepsake (and a nice addition to your portfolio).

    [I’m just guessing here but I suspect pros have a few tricks up their sleeves: Props, humor, guided questions, mental role play suggestions... After all, regarding actors and models, “It’s all attitude.” And a photographer can work on that.]

  4. She is a pretty portrait for you.

    Lovely you did well asking as well.

  5. I too am really bad asking strangers for photos. Often when I do, they refuse, so that's why I sneak shots most of the time.

    Lovely portrait you've made. To be cherished.

  6. Wonderful shot and a beautiful model!

  7. Great B&W portrait!
    Cute model!

  8. Linda expressão, ótima em p&b! Um abraço!

    O mirante da imagem


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